Treasurer Office fees for documents

Effective March 1st, 2022, the following will be charged for Treasurers Office documents: Duplicate Tax Bill for property owner: $1.00               o Proof of ownership required Tax bill for non – property owner: $5.00               o Escrow Agent               o Other  Statement of Tax Balance (duplicate receipt of payment): $1.00

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How do I contact the Decatur VA Clinic?

Call 800-320-8387 or 217-362-5442. When the recording starts, you may dial your team extension. Team Extensions Gold - x46337 Silver - x46336 Bronze - x46338 Copper - x46339 Platinum - x47660

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How do I contact the Macon County Honor Guard?

All Military Last Rites must be scheduled through your Funeral Home. If you would like to make a donation to the Honor Guard, please mail to: Charles Loury 1781 E. Division St. Decatur, IL 62526 217-781-0105

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How do I schedule transportation to the Illiana VA Hospital?

Please email us at to schedule a ride or call us at 217-424-1376. Give us your name, date of birth, and appointment type and place. Our Van leaves at 0700 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You must have an appointment scheduled with us in order to ride. Round trip drop-off and pickup is at VA Decatur Community Based Outpatient Clinic located at: 792 N. Sunnyside Road, Decatur, IL 62522. The bus will return/leave Danville between 1130-1230 normally returning to the VA Clinic in Decatur between 1300-1400.

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Address Change Procedure

Illinois Compiled Statutes (35 ILCS, 200/20-20) requires “no change of address shall be implemented unless the person requesting the change is the owner of the property, a trustee or a person holding the power of attorney from the owner or trustee of the property.” Billing cannot be changed to a contract buyer without the signature of both the deed holder(s) and the contract buyer. Please note this will only change the mailing of the tax bill. The Supervisor of Assessments maintains a separate mailing address file for assessment notices. The form must be signed and dated as per paragraph one [...]

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What happens if I am late paying my taxes?

By Illinois State Law, failure to receive a tax bill or receiving a bill late, for any reason, does not relieve the taxpayer from taxes or late penalties. If you do not receive a tax bill, you should contact the Treasurer’s Office. You will only receive one tax bill per year. The bill has two payment coupons. Separate bills are NOT mailed for the second installment. Illinois Statutes require 1 ½% per month (or part of the month) penalty be assessed for payments made after the due date. If taxes are not paid after the second installment date, in addition [...]

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Mobile Home Taxes

In Illinois, Mobile homes are billed as “Mobile Home Privilege Tax”. The computation of Mobile Home Tax differs from Real Estate Tax. Tax bills are issued to mobile home owners based on the age and square footage of the mobile home. Mobile home bills are mailed to the owners in March. The owner has 60 days to pay the tax, which is done in only one installment. If after 60 days the tax remains unpaid, a penalty of $25.00 per month (or portion thereof) up to $100 will be assessed. Mobile homes on which taxes are not paid are subject [...]

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Real Estate Tax Payment Options

Payments can be made in several ways In person – at the Macon County Treasurer's Office, 141 S Main Street Room 302 during regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We accept cash, money order, cashier's check and certified check. We also take Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Credit and Debit cards. Please note an additional convenience fee will be added for using credit/debit cards. The Treasurer's Office also accepts personal checks up to 30 days before the annual tax sale date. A fee of $25 is charged for checks returned by the bank [...]

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Understanding Your Tax Bill

Tax bills are mailed out in May each year. The first installment is due 30 days after the bill is mailed and the second installment is due September 1 (unless that falls on a weekend or Labor Day in which case it would be the first working day after that). Real estate taxes are billed and collected a year behind. In the calendar year 2019, we will be paying real estate taxes for the 2018 year. Property owners are responsible for ensuring their real estate taxes are paid, even if they are new owners. Buyers are credited by sellers with [...]

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Why has my real estate property assessment changed?

By law, each property, other than farmland, must be viewed, inspected, and revalued once every four years (excluding Cook County). Farmland is reassessed each year. Between these general assessments, assessors may revalue property if its value is incorrect. A county board may, by resolution, divide the county into four assessment districts. In these counties, one district is reassessed each year on a rotating basis. The schedule for Macon County is below. In general assessment years, a list of all property assessments must be printed in a public newspaper published in the county. In Macon County, every year is a general [...]

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What is the Equalization Factor/Multiplier?

Illinois statutes require that the assessed value of non-farm property equal 33 1/3 percent of its market value (except for Cook County). However, assessment levels may vary from the statutory 33 1/3 percent within an assessment jurisdiction, between assessment jurisdictions, within a county, and between counties. These differences occur for several reasons including the large number of local assessing officials who have different opinions about value, and the inherent difficulties of the assessment process (e.g., pressures to keep assessments low, lack of time and resources to do a thorough job, ministerial errors, outdated valuations, and changes in economic conditions). Assessment [...]

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How Do I Appeal My Property Assessment?

How Do I know what my assessment is? The assessments can be found: On the Macon County website; On the assessment notices that are mailed out if there is a change in the property and/or if it is the general reassessment year for the township; Published in the local paper if there is a change in the property and/or if it is the townships general reassessment year; On the tax bill; and The most recent is available by calling the Supervisor of Assessments office. How do I file an appeal? You have 30 days from the publication date to file [...]

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What tax exemptions are there?

You should always check your tax bill to make sure all exemptions you qualify for are applied to it. Call the Supervisor of Assessments office immediately if you are missing one you may qualify for. A person or married couples living together are only allowed one property with homestead exemptions on it throughout the United States. General Homestead/Owner Occupied Exemption The requirements for this exemption are that you live in the dwelling, it is your primary residence, and you own or have an equitable legal interest in the property all by January 1 of the year. You can sign up [...]

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Why do I need a permit to do this work?

By obtaining a permit, the local inspector oversees the work being done on the job site. Also work without a permit is illegal and can pose problems when you try to sell your house.

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Why do we have building codes?

Building codes are designed to safeguard health and safety in every building.

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