Employment Opportunities with the County of Macon, Illinois

Macon County is a major employer with around 500 full-time employees, and another 100 plus permanent part-time, temporary and seasonal workers. Employees include members of some bargaining units (AFSCME, FOP, and others), contract employees and at-will employees.

Macon County includes all three branches of government: Legislative (County Board), Executive (elected and appointed officials and departments), and Judicial (Courts and associated services such as Probation, Public Defender, etc.) Macon County is organized by approximately 25 departments with a variety of legal standings. Employees in the eight departments headed by elected officials (Sheriff, State’s Attorney, County Clerk, Auditor, etc.) are employees of those officials. Other departments have their particular legal standings as part of Macon County.

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October 22, 2021
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November 19, 2015