By law, each property, other than farmland, must be viewed, inspected, and revalued once every four years (excluding Cook County). Farmland is reassessed each year. Between these general assessments, assessors may revalue property if its value is incorrect.

A county board may, by resolution, divide the county into four assessment districts. In these counties, one district is reassessed each year on a rotating basis. The schedule for Macon County is below.

In general assessment years, a list of all property assessments must be printed in a public newspaper published in the county. In Macon County, every year is a general assessment year since the townships are divided into four assessment districts. The assessments are published in the local paper for the township being assessed.

In the years between a townships general assessment year, a list of only those real property assessments that have been changed is published. Taxpayers in counties other than Cook must be mailed notices if their real property assessments change from the preceding years assessments (unless the change is caused by the chief county assessment officer applying an equalization factor, then only the factor is published). If the notices are sent to mortgage lenders the mortgage lenders must mail copies of the notices to their mortgagors. The taxpayer should inform the Supervisor of Assessments Office on where they want their notice mailed to.

Some common reasons property assessments may decrease or increase are identified below.

  • The property values in the area are increasing or decreasing.
  • Improvements were made to the property (e.g. an addition to your home; extensive remodeling; a new deck, porch, or patio; a new in-ground swimming pool) or a structure was demolished.
  • The property was under-assessed or over-assessed in relation to other properties and this error has been corrected.
  • An equalization factor/multiplier was applied.

Schedule for General Reassessment

District One:
Austin/Illini, Blue Mound/Pleasant View, Harristown/Niantic, Maroa, South Macon, South Wheatland

District Two:
Long Creek, Mt. Zion

District Three:
Friends Creek, Hickory Point, Oakley, Whitmore

District Four:

Please call the office for the year of the townships general reassessment at 217-424-1364.