Macon County Court Services

Main Office:
333 S. Franklin St.
Decatur, IL 62523

Phone: (217) 424-1444

M-F 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
excluding legal holidays

Probation Department

The Court Services Department provides courts in Macon County with a full range of probation services for juvenile and adult offenders. Services include but are not limited to, ongoing supervision of juvenile and adult offenders, pre-dispositional reports, social history reports, reference studies and discharge reports, as well as pre-sentence investigations, chemical use assessments, drug court assessments and supervision, domestic abuse assessments, violation reports and bond reports.

Court Services also collects monetary restitution, coordinates community work service obligations, provides electronic monitoring, refers probationers for random drug and alcohol testing, and does intensive supervision of repeat DWI offenders. All referrals for department action originate with the Macon County Court, which also supervises the activities of the Court Services Department. Court Services works closely with community agencies and local service providers, and all programs are developed within the framework of restorative justice.

FOIA Requests

Requests for information and public records under FOIA for the Macon County Probation can be made in writing, subject to fees, to:

Macon County Probation FOIA Officer
Pat Berter
333 S. Franklin St.
Decatur, IL 62523
Phone 217-424-1444