Board of Review (2 years)

Acting as an unbiased intermediary between assessors and taxpayers, the Board of Review provides an essential role in striving for equitable and fair property assessments in Macon County through the assessment appeal process. The Macon County Board of Review is a three-member panel that is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the County Board. The Supervisor of Assessments serves as the Clerk of the Board of Review, and her staff is the support for the Board’s activities. The Macon County Board of Review hears testimony on written appeals on any real estate parcel that is claimed to be over-assessed or under-assessed. The Board reviews the assessment and will either deem it to be just or correct it as necessary.


Jeannie (Riddle) Mayfield
Warrensburg, IL 62573
Term Expires: 5-31-24

Brittany Lamb
Decatur, IL 62521
Term Expires: 5-31-25

Bryan Smith
Decatur, IL
Term Expires: 5-31-25