Macon County Board Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the County Board as well as the Chairs of the Standing Committees. The Chair of the County Board shall serve as Chair of the Executive Committee and the Vice-Chair of the County Board shall serve as Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall meet when called by the Chair or upon the request of any three members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the responsibility of reviewing the minutes of closed sessions of the County Board and all committees in accordance with the requirements of the Open Meetings Act and shall make recommendations to the County Board thereon. The Executive Committee shall also be responsible for making recommendations to the Board for amendments to these Rules. The Executive Committee shall have other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Chair or by resolution of the County Board.

Chair: Kevin Greenfield
Vice Chair: Linda Little
Member: Debra Kraft
Member: Greg Mattingley

Environmental, Education, Health & Welfare Committee (EEHW)

The purpose and functions of the EEHW Committee are to oversee the health and welfare of the county’s residents. The committee is also concerned with the environment of the county, the education of its citizens as well as the health of the county. The committee also has a role in the promotion and development of the county, including commercial and industrial projects. The committee, in its educational function, shall identify important issues within the scope of its responsibilities and may undertake efforts to bring these to public attention. Offices and departments that deal with the committee and / or are part of its oversight responsibilities include: Planning and Zoning, Animal Control, Environmental Management, Superintendent of the Regional Office of Education, Macon County Health Department, Veterans Department, and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The committee shall also coordinate with the Decatur Public Building Commission on issues and problems affecting offices and departments under its oversight that occupy DPBC facilities.

The Chair of the Macon County Board may refer issues to this committee for study and proposed action.

Chair: Linda Little
Vice Chair: Jeff Entler
Member: Vivian Goodman
Member: Jacob Horve
Member: Mary Scott

Finance Committee

The purpose and functions of the Finance Committee are to monitor and ensure steps, procedures, and actions that provide for the fiscal integrity and strength of Macon County. It has oversight over the following offices, departments, and areas: Supervisor of Assessments, County Treasurer, County Auditor, Board of Review, and other offices and / or departments seeking to amend their respective budgets during the fiscal year, after approval of the appropriate oversight committee.

The committee shall also have responsibility, in cooperation with designated county officeholders and department heads, for preparation of the county’s annual budget that is submitted to the full Board for approval prior to the end of the fiscal year preceding its implementation. The committee, in cooperation with designated county officeholders and department heads, shall have oversight over cash flow, transfers, contracts, intergovernmental agreements, grants, and audit matters unless otherwise provided by state statute. The committee shall also oversee capital equipment planning. The committee shall review all leases and other financial arrangements with the Decatur Public Building Commission in regards to county – occupied facilities.

Chair: Kevin Greenfield
Vice Chair: Ryan Kreke
Member: Debra Kraft
Member: Linda Little
Member: Bill Oliver

Justice Committee

The purpose and functions of the Justice Committee are to handle all issues relating to the safety and protection of the public, including the county jail, and to support the efficient administration of the civil and criminal justice systems. The Justice Committee shall have oversight of the following departments: Circuit Clerk, Circuit Court, Coroner, Probation, Emergency Management Agency, Public Defender, Sheriff, and State’s Attorney.

Chair: Greg Mattingley
Vice Chair: Debra Kraft
Member: Andrew Hogan
Member: Grant Noland
Member: Bill Oliver

Operations and Personnel Committee (OP)

The Operations and Personnel Committee shall oversee the operations of County business, and make recommendations to the Board regarding policies that govern or guide employment practices within the County, subject to the internal control authority granted to certain department heads or boards by statute.

The committee has oversight over the following departments: County Board, County Clerk, Recorder, and Workforce Investments.

Chair: Debra Kraft
Member: Kristen Larner
Member: Karl Coleman
Member: Jeff Entler
Member: Ed Yoder

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee shall oversea matters concerning the highways, roads, and bridges of Macon County. The Transportation Committee shall exercise County Board oversight of the Highway Department.

Chair: Ryan Kreke
Vice Chair: Kevin Greenfield
Member: Jeff Entler
Member: Andrew Hogan
Member: Ed Yoder